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Here’s Where To Find The Best Corned Beef in Cleveland

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your festivities!

Radio-One Cleveland (93.1 WZAK, Z1079)da will have a full day’s worth of fun for your St. Patty’s Day kick-it (more on that coming soon!), but there’s one thing that 90% of people must have on this infamous Irish-American holiday…

Corned beef.

In the early 19th century Irish immigrants in America consumed corned beef and cabbage because of its ties to meals they ate in Ireland. With that, the fascination with corned beef on St. Patrick’s Day was born. If you grew up in or around Cleveland, you’ve likely had your fair share of this meal at some point. It doesn’t really matter if you’re Irish or not.

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So, where is the best place to get corned beef in Northeast Ohio? That depends on who you ask. Do you take yours with toasted rye and mustard?

Of course, you do! Well, at least we hope so!

With all that said it’s that time of year again where we’ve done some digging into the top-rated corned beef restaurants in Cleveland on Yelp! While we’re not listing the results in any particular order, we did pull the restaurants with the most and highest reviews left on the Yelp platform under the search for ‘Corned Beef in Cleveland’.

Which do you think finished number 1? Keep reading to find out!

Also, keep reading to see which historic Cleveland restaurant permanently closed its doors just months ago.

Keep scrolling to see what Cleveland Yelp reviews for the best-corned beef in Cleveland have to say!

1. Slyman’s

The original Slyman’s Restaurant opened in downtown Cleveland in 1964. Since then they’ve spread out to the suburbs, but if there’s one place guaranteed to have a long line for their delicious corned beef on St. Patrick’s Day – it’s Slyman’s! For their full menu, [click here].

2. Jack’s Deli

You may be hard-pressed to find anyone who can name a shop to serve them corned beef in Cleveland outside of Slyman’s and Corky and Lenny’s, but Jack’s Deli definitely deserves some love! Established in 1980, Jack’s Deli deserve all types of eastern European meals prepared from scratch, just the way they were over 40 years ago! For their full menu, [click here]. 

3. Express Deli

Express Deli, located in Brook Park, claims to be ‘home to the best-corned beef!’, and their 250 5-star Yelp reviews seem to be in agreement! In 2018 Express Deli was ranked #41 in Yelp’s ‘Best Places to Eat in America’, and you know their corned beef had something to do with that! For their full menu, [click here].

4. Joe’s Deli

Joe’s Deli, in Rocky River, is also no stranger to long lines on St. Patrick’s Day. With some of their lineage being traced back to the founders of Slyman’s, this restaurant leans on quality food in a clean environment with great customer service! To see their full menu, [click here].

5. Mister Brisket

Mister Brisket, located in Cleveland Heights, is a butcher shop that specializes in a lot! Not only can you get your fresh-cut meat delivered right to your front door, but you can also try some of their delicious prepared foods. To check out their website [click here].

6. TJ’s Butcher Block & Deli

TJ’s Butcher Block & Deli is a wonderful place to get your corned beef – along with many other items! Located on Detroit Avenue in Lakewood, TJ’s offers a butcher, catering, grocery, and even beer & wine! To check out their website and menu [click here]. 

7. Corky and Lenny’s [Closed – Honorable Mention]

Unfortunately, this historic restaurant permanently closed after this original post went up. They were open for 67 years.

With the original location opening in South Euclid’s Cedar Center shopping plaza in 1956, the New York-style sandwich shop, infamous for its corned beef and other deli meats, opened its second shop in Woodmere in 1973. Sanford “Corky” Kurland partnered with Lenny Kaden, and the rest is history! For their full menu, [click here].