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Close-Up Of Bonfire

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Revenge is a dish best served completely engulfed in flames. This is common knowledge. But the hardest part about enacting flaming revenge on those who’ve wronged you is keeping that anger in check, lest you skip important details in the revenge process like MAKE SURE YOU’RE SETTING THE RIGHT CAR ON FIRE.

A Florida woman who allegedly set the wrong car on fire was arrested and charged with second-degree arson, WFTS reports. Carmen Chamblee, 19, was caught on surveillance video “feeding flames” inside a white vehicle’s trunk in Clearwater Aug. 27. According to police, Chamblee mistakenly believed she was setting fire to her ex-boyfriend’s car.

Thomas Jennings, the guy who actually owned the car mistakenly set ablaze, toldWFTS he didn’t realize his car was on fire until his roommate gave him a friendly tip. “He came running in the house saying my car was on fire,” Jennings said. “We ran out there. He had a pot of water trying to get it to go out. It was too much.”


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