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18-year-old Chicago student was shot and killed after being turned away from school for not wearing a bow tie.

Liz Doss, the mother of a friend of the student, was there when it happened. She had gone to the school to pick up her son and his 18-year-old friend, who were both sent home for not wearing bow ties, which are part of the school uniform.

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They were two blocks from the school when a black car pulled up, and Doss heard shots.

“They both turned and run, my son tried to come back for me and I said just keep running,” Doss said.

While Doss’ son was not injured, the other boy was shot in the abdomen and hand. Doss tried to save him by putting pressure on the wounds.

“I stayed out there with him and I took my shirt off, put pressure to his stomach, I feel like I failed because he still died,” Doss said.


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