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Former video vixen Karrine Steffans is grasping on to the fumes rising from the ashes of her expired 15-minutes of fame by once again over-sharing details about her personal life. The “Confessions of a Video Vixen” author revealed in a new op-ed for XO Jane that she had a couple of abortions from her ex husband, actor Columbus Short.

In XO Jane, she said:

“I have been married three times, and in the past year, aborted the two babies conceived with my third husband. God knows I loved him. God knows I still do. But it was his drug and alcohol addictions and the abuse I suffered from him that made it impossible for me to see myself stuck with him for the rest of my life.”

She continued, “I figured the marriage could be undone, but our children would be forever, and they deserved a better father and a happier, healthier mother. He knew about the first abortion, which I had before our marriage, but I told him the second abortion was a miscarriage. That was a month after we were married, and I was terrified of what he might do if he knew I’d willingly aborted the child he begged me to have.”

Karrine also admitted to having a prior abortion with a man she dated that was 10 years her junior.

Her raggedy womb caused her to worry about what her longtime gynecologist would think of her.

“I guess a part of me worries that my doctor will see all this emotional trauma manifested inside my lady bits, as if there are lines carved into my flesh by the lost inhabitants of my uterus, marking the days and weeks they spent there before the end. It’s silly and it’s untrue but, in my mind, there is some gruesome telltale sign, some karmic graffiti that will show where I’ve been and what I have done before I ever get to tell him…”

Steffans, who claims to have slept with every relevant baller and down-low rapper, also explains why she decided to abort her babies:

As terrible as this may read, and I mean it with great respect for all the strong women who have dealt with either the agony of a miscarriage or abortion, I was grateful none of those pregnancies came to pass.


I wouldn’t have wanted to be connected to those ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands for the rest of my life.

You can read the rest of Karrine’s latest confession here.



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Picture Courtesy of Arun Nevader and Getty Images

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