Kenya Moore

Source: Andrew H. Walker / Staff / Getty

Don’t come for Kenya Moore or she might just bust a cap in you. Literally…

Here is the tea on the pistol packing Kenya Moore. Three people thought it was a great idea to go and see Moore Manor in person. According to Kenya Moore, the threesome jumped her fence then proceeded to come and ring her door bell. Kenya in a Instagram rant, says that she has captured everything on her security camera including her running with a pistol in her hand with a promise that if you trespass on her, you might not leave the same way you came.

Kenya Moore has released the video photo’s via her Social Media and is offering a $1000.00 reward for the capture and prosecution of the intruders.

Kenya we are praying for you and hope you get a better security system in place. It is extremely dangerous to leave the safety of your home to chase people down with a gun. Plus in order to shoot intruders don’t they have to be inside your house? Ohhh and BTW, looking at the security video photo, Moore Manor’s driveway has a a huge crack in it. It looks like part of the driveway might give way to that ditch or little valley below it. Now that is a serious safety issue, just like plastering your residents all over TV. I’m just saying. We hope your 2017 gets safer.

See Kenya’s rants and evidence below: