Black History Month 2016 - FUTURE

Radio One is celebrating black history by saluting Future History Makers, people giving back to our community today to shape our tomorrow.


Future History Makers 2017

Mr. Ledwidge is a local business owner that is making a difference in the lives of families in his community. Owning three McDonalds restaurants, Mr. Ledwidge has founded the McFreedom Readers program, which tutors second grade students every Wednesday at all three locations in an effort to better prepare them for state standardized testing. Mr.Ledwidge we honor you for exemplifying the qualities of a Future History Maker.

Future history makers…. Brought to you by dominion east Ohio and McDonalds- I’m loving it. To learn more about our future history makers and how they are shaping our future click here

Future History Makers Sponors

Future History Makers Sponors

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