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“Who Dat” , who dat who? Sole’, woman behind the legends!!

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Did you know female rapper Sole’ who best known for her hit single “Who Dat” with JT Money in the the 90’s who was married to legendary R&B singer Ginuwine has gotten off of his “Pony” only to find the “Fight The Power” of love with her long time best friend the legendary/controversial Professor Griff of Public Enemy.

In a Youtube video segment of Women Behind The Legends, which features wives of Hip Hop legends such as Chubb Rock and Dana Dane, Sole’ revealed that she has moved on in love from one legend to another. Sole’ says that although when she and Ginuwine divorced she vowed to never pursue a relationship with another entertainer, her reunion with her best friend “Professor Griff, whom she’s known since she was 15 years old happened to blossom into something else, marriage.

In case you forgot Professor Griff was a member of the legendary group Public Enemy who’s, unfortunately, controversial statements while in the group is what he is most known for.

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When a King has your back… If you're my FB friend… you see we post a "morning dance" several times a week… a song that we dance to with a pic and a sentiment of love to each other..we alternate posting and we do this for each other but also because its important to show healthy images of love when so much of what we see or experience is distorted, abuse, misuse, maltreatment and not mutually beneficial… so I'm sharing my FB morning dance here today with you on IG with intent to give you hope that love does not & should not hurt but instead should heal, strengthen and uplift you, nourish your soul and make you walk more fully in who the creator designed you to be.. so here's my FB post from this morning ✨✨✨"I've been slacking with sharing our morning dance {but for good reason} We've been traveling, teaching, writing, in the studio recording, building, loving, BEING and then loving some more. It's a beautiful thing to connect with your best friend… to connect with someone so deeply that you not only feel you can see into their soul, but you're so close you feel your soul is one with theirs… they give you wings to fly, roots to return and reasons to stay…the physical connection is deeper than the ocean but the spiritual connection reaches further than the cosmos… the divine in me honors the divine in you King. So this mornings dance is silence… stillness… just BEING… nothing but the song of our hearts beating next to each other's and the in and out ceaseless motion of our breath… I breathe you in, god ✨✨✨ #9 #walking4seasons #4life #deeperthantheycansee "

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Check out their story in the video below:

JT Money & Sole’ 1999 “Who Dat” Video

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