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A Cleveland honors student hospitalized after being stomped and bullied at school.

She tells Cleveland 19, it was all over a boot!

The attack happened Monday at John F. Kennedy High School.

The 16-year-old does not want to be identified on camera.

She’s suffering from a bruised eye, spinal injury, concussion and a brain injury.

Her mother filed a police report took her daughter out of school.

“When I heard she got stomped and I needed to get to the hospital. I really thought honestly in my heart that i was gonna get that she didn’t make it,” said her mother.

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She’s angry the school suspended her daughter for 10 days.

A Cleveland Metropolitan District spokeswoman says:  “CMSD has a zero tolerance for fighting in schools. Based on my conversation with the principal, the students who fought at school were disciplined in accordance with guidelines in the Student Code of Conduct. ”


Article and Video Courtesy of WOIO Cleveland 19 News

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