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Police in Kent are warning parents about a danger most probably never thought about — the possibility of drugs or blood contamination on a rest

room baby changing station.

An incident Friday drew attention to the matter.

A man went into the Sheetz gas station on North Mantua and went straight to the bathroom. An employee had seen him do it before, according to Kent Lt. Michael Lewis.

“The employee was aware enough to realize that he had seen this type of behavior before from this same subject. The employee also believed the man who we now know is Jason Fischer had gotten high there before, so he called police, who responded quickly,” said Lewis.

When the officer went into the bathroom, the stall door was closed but he could see someone was standing inside through the crack. He ordered him to open the door.

The guy refused and the officer looked inside and saw Fischer shooting up, Lewis said.

“He had the drugs prepared on the baby changing station in the bathroom stall, which is something very, very concerning to us,” Lewis said.


Article and Video Courtesy of WOIO Cleveland 19 News

Picture Courtesy of Martin Ruegner and Getty Images

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