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Chris Brown Hits Charlotte for The “Party” Tour

Source: Glenn Parsons / Glenn Parsons

Chris Brown is not referred to as a “bad boy” and “troubled” for no particular reason. Dude has issues and wherever he goes, it seems ish is gonna happen.

That appears to be the case where reports say he punched a photographer during a brawl in Tampa, Florida.

The story goes that Brown was at Chris at a joint in Tampa called Aja Channelside early Monday morning for a paid appearance. According to the facility’s management, their in-house photographer was taking pics when Chris and his entourage arrived around 1:30am, but Chris’ team NO photos.

Later, while Chris was in the DJ booth, the photographer tells TMZ he was taking crowd shots from behind Brown and when he (Brown) noticed, all things went very, very left, so to speak. The photog says Chris jumped over a couch and punched him in the face while he was cornered.

In the video, Chris is in red, his bodyguard is wearing yellow, and right around the 20 second mark you can clearly see punches thrown into the dark corner.

We’re told police were called, but Chris had left by the time they arrived. The photographer says his lip got split open and his jaw hurts. He’s seeking medical attention. AND, here’s the key part, ha also says he’s pressing charges against the entertainer.


Article Courtesy of EURweb

Picture Courtesy of Glenn Parsons

Video Courtesy of YouTube and EURweb