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Dashcam footage of the March 11th DUI arrest of Laurence Fishburne’s daughter, Montana Fishburne, has leaked online, showing the porn star dancing around barefoot, jumping over a guardrail to urinate (while handcuffed) and blaming Donald Trump for her inability to understand the sobriety test instructions.

The video, obtained by, begins after Fishburne was pulled over at about 2 a.m. on I-95 in Fort Lauderdale. She had just rear-ended a Range Rover that slowed down to avoid a previous crash. According to authorities, troopers who responded to both crashes found an open bottle of wine inside Fishburne’s Toyota Corolla and wrote in their report her breath smelled of alcohol.

The 25-year-old eventually blew a .18 and .17 in breathalyzer tests, which is more than twice Florida’s legal limit of .08.

In mid-April, Fishburne pleaded not guilty to four counts of DUI-related charges and is preparing for trial later this year. She’s currently free on $2,500-bond.

The Daily Mail obtained the 22-minute video of her arrest, which shows Fishburne failing her field sobriety tests, and her conversation with arresting trooper Juan Pinzon of Florida Highway Patrol.

The video begins with Fishburne taking off her high heels as Pinzon tells her she has to perform a sobriety test. Identifying herself as a “dance professional,” she tells Pinzon she might not be able to perform some of the tests because she suffered a broken ankle last year.

Later, she has trouble understanding the “walk and turn” instructions. She tells Pinzon he should sympathize with her as a fellow “Latino American” and cites the “political situation” with President Trump to explain why she can’t understand the sobriety test instructions.

“In the situation we’re going through with Donald Trump,” Fishburne tells Pinzon, “as a Latino American to another Latino American, I would appreciate if you could show me the exercise correctly so I can do it correctly. …That would make me feel better because I really don’t like the political situation in America.”

The video shows Fishburne still can’t manage the sobriety test after Pinzon demonstrates it, and the trooper handcuffs her, which apparently makes Fishburne want to urinate.

“I really need to pee,” she said, lifting up the back of her dress and exposing her bare rear to traffic (see above pic), “and I will pee right here on your car. That’s not a problem. I just need to sit down.”

She then walks toward the guard rail with the trooper asking her what she is doing, climbs over it as she pulls down her panties and squats.

“What are you doing,” Pinzon asks again.

“Is that OK, can I pee,” Fishburne responds.

“Well, you’re already doing it,” Pinzon responds.

When she returns to the emergency lane of the interstate, Fishburne lifts her bare feet so that the trooper can wipe them clean of roadside debris.

When she is put in the patrol car, she complains she won’t be able to sleep in her own bed.

“Honestly, I’m more upset about not being able to spend the night in my bed,” Fishburne says when he tells her she could’ve killed herself or someone else. “Can’t you just escort me home?”

“No ma’am, that’s not how we do it,” Pinzon says.

“In Los Angeles, that’s exactly what they do,” Fishburne says. “Come on, I’m not that drunk. We’re right by my house.”

Watch the arrest below:


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