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Congratulations are in order. In case you have been living under a rock, RHOA Kenya Moore, got married during a secret ceremony then dry snitched by a photographer hiding in the bushes. Unfortunately everybody isn’t allegedly happy about her new union, those of whom are Matt Jordan and Bravo TV.

Kenya Moore has been through a rough patch when it comes to relationships including the recent well televised love on the rocks RHOA scenes with then boo Matt Jordan (who found out about her marriage on social media as well). According to sources the reality TV star Kenya Moore didn’t want her marriage to mess with her reality TV career.

…Bravo execs are LIVID. An emergency meeting was called via phone, as soon as the story broke, with Kenya and producers and execs hashing out why this all went down the way it did.

While Kanya is set to return to season 10 of RHOA and pre-filming has already begun, Bravo feels a life change this big should have been told to them in some way.

Is this marriage real or memorex?  Is Reality TV  getting tired of the messy lies surrounding RHOA lately?   Andy Cohen is pissed that he wasn’t asked to participate in the wedding?  Or is all of this another story line to take us off the scent of the Phaedra Parks fiasco? We don’t know but we will sure be watching then serving you the tea as it continues to pour.

Stay tuned for MOORE “As The World Twirls”