2017 Roc Nation Pre-Grammy Brunch

Source: Ari Perilstein / Getty

If you’re a fan of music, then you love TV shows like TVOne’s UNSUNG or VH1’s Behind The Music. Well, what if I were to tell you that you could take these shows like those anywhere you go, the theater of your mind would be your widescreen, and your ears would be your surround sound? Stories so masterfully told that you would be begging for the next episode? Well I got your back, it’s a podcast called “Colby Colb in the Crates” , and the first episode is titled JAY-Z: THE MAKING OF A BUSINESS MAN.

While NYC is the one and only birthplace of hip hop, Philadelphia has long since been one of the most important stops for artists looking to prove that they had what it takes to make it on the national stage.

Colby Colb, the Vice President of Programming for Radio One, started his broadcast career there at a time when some of the emcees now known as legends were just getting started. A radio icon, he clocked 21 years on air in Philly and as a result, he’s got an incredible amount of throwback interviews and rare footage to share (via CASSIUS)

Check out this history story of Jay-Z in a way I guarantee you have never heard it before.  As always please listen and share below responsibly: