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Republican National Convention

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Now that the Cleveland Host Committeehas finally put out its numbers for the Republican National Convention held in July of 2016, we can compare them to the Democratic National Convention held in Philadelphia a week later.

The number that stands out the most is direct spending.

This is the estimated money attendees spent in each city while visiting. That includes hotel, food and entertainment.

While both cities fell well bellow original estimates Philadelphia did better than Cleveland. In Philly it’s estimated the direct spending was $133 million dollars.

Before the convention, the number being thrown around as a projection was closer to $250 million. Compare that to Cleveland where the early estimate was $200 million and the realized number ended up being $110 million.

There are a couple of other numbers that stand out when you compare the two city’s conventions.

Although the number of attendees, these are the people who were actually attending as officials or delegates, were very similar 5,783 in Philly and 4,774 in Cleveland, the number of hotel rooms nights were much higher in Cleveland.

In Cleveland, and the surrounding area, the number of booked hotel room nights was 104,000. In Philadelphia it was just 80,400.



Article Courtesy of WOIO Cleveland 19 News

Picture Courtesy of The Washington Post and Getty Images

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