Celebrities At The Los Angeles Lakers Game

Source: Kevork S. Djansezian / Getty

Over the weekend, it was reported that a home owned by NBA star Chris Bosh was raided as part of a drug trafficking investigation and Chris’ mother , Freida Bosh (who lives in the home) was listed as a suspect.

Freida Bosh allegedly says that her relationship with Chris isn’t the greatest and he’s been trying to evict her from the home.

Freida says she “built” the home with Chris roughly 12 years ago — but since then, their relationship has deteriorated and he’s been trying to evict her. Freida says the two haven’t spoken in 5 years. To combat the eviction, Freida says she’s had to hire lawyers — and has been forced to rent out the home to various tenants to cover the pricey legal bills. [Read More]