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Kendu Issacs is allegedly claiming that his divorce from Mary J. Blige is not only keeping him from getting a job, but it has also made him sick, literally.

In new court papers filed ahead of their divorce trial in March, Isaacs, through his lawyer, claims that the stress of their divorce battle has been so rough that it landed him in the hospital recently:

Petitioner and Respondent are ages 46 and 49, respectively. They are both in generally good health although Respondent has experienced physical manifestations of stress and emotional distress from this matter, which has caused him to become hospitalized.


But Kendu’s divorce hasn’t kept him away from gambling, allegedly.

LHHH Zell Swag went live to show how “Kendu Can’t Do It” in a wagering game of Left-Right-Center.

Maybe this can help Mary J Blige…Check out the video below