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Last season when Ryan had to tell his on-again off-again and then back on-again girlfriend Rachel that he had cheated on her with Kat. Then the Bonnie and Clyde kind of a couple, went off on the production team for setting them up to look like fools on the show knowing that Kat had created her own angle of staying relevant. Well now rumors are circulating that Ryan, once again strikes but this time instead of coming to the fight with his fists he came with his guns and allegedly shot up the set.

via All HipHop

This is a doozie of a rumor, but we are hearing that Ryan Henry, star of “Black Ink Chicago” may have shot up the set. I admit, I don’t know a lot about this super duper reality star, but I have gotten acclimated recently. He’s a bad boy and very popular, but you may already know this. I am not sure what the circumstances are but sources say that Ryan Henry went off and shoot up the set of “Black Ink Chicago”. I don’t think anybody was hurt, since there are no reports out there.

These Black Ink people seem to be cheating all over the place. Last year Ryan admitting to cheating and that he “f##ked up.” Anyway, I’m not messing with my G anymore. If he is willing to shoot up a set, he may be cool shooting a human. Ryan is the man above the VH1 logo, by the way.

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