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Facebook wants to help you find long term love using their new dating app. While the idea is not so new for Mark Zuckerberg, he first created ‘FaceMash’ hot or not game for the students at Harvard, remember that part in his movie?

The option, simply called ‘Dating’ is available now and Facebook will push forward with this idea in the wake of the Cambridge Analytical scandal. Many users are reluctant to share more personal information with the social network, especially intimate data related to romantic preferences.

When the news about the Facebook dating app broke, some of the other popular dating sites saw a small decline in their stock. The main one that was aware of the change was the site known mostly for quick hook up, Tinder. The dating app temporarily stopped working because of changes Facebook made to its data-sharing policies.

But Facebook may have missed an important reality: Dating apps like Tinder have long relied on Facebook’s data to operate their service. When signing up for one of their app, you could immediately pull in your Facebook photos, and autofill information like where you live, work, and went to school. Tinder even showed their users when a potential match had mutual friends with them on Facebook.

Congrats in advance to those who will find love using social media.