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Cleveland Cavaliers Vs Boston Celtics At TD Garden

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

When Kyrie Irving requested that the Cavs trade him last summer, it came as an absolute shock. Nobody could understand why someone of his caliber wouldn’t relish the opportunity to play alongside the greatest player of his generation and compete for championships every single season.

As it turned out, Irving didn’t like the notion of playing in LeBron’s shadow, despite the fact that he logged a higher usage rate and took more shot attempts than LeBron in their last season together. Nevermind all that. Irving wanted to lead his own team, so the Cavs acquiesced and sent him to the Celtics.

Since then, all sorts of details have trickled in about their sometimes icy relationship, but according to the latest reports, it appears as if Irving never wanted LeBron to return home to Cleveland in the first place after his four-year stint with the Miami Heat.

Still, they managed to overcome all that and achieve their ultimate goal, which was to bring a championship to Cleveland, the city’s first in more than 50 years.



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