Bronny James, the oldest son of NBA great LeBron James, reportedly suffered cardiac arrest during a USC basketball workout.

Last night King James, Queen, Savannah James came out of her hook up and her Princess Zhuri had to edit her praise of her amazing husband.

Bronny James has officially walked the stage at Sierra Canyon High School, holding his diploma like a basketball

Shooting Stars is an upcoming film from Peacock that details the childhood friends and relationships that helped propel LeBron James into a superstar NBA career.

LeBron James Jr. made it official and signed his official letter of intent to attend USC, a site that brought LeBron James Sr. to tears.

Congratulations are in order, it has been reported that 18 year old LeBron James Jr. is going to be a Trojan man.

The James Gang was at last nights game to witness history then they put together a video to not only congratulate LeBron James

Today (February 8) Akron, Ohio celebrates LeBron James Day. King James now has 38,390 career points over his twenty-year NBA career.

LeBron James showed love to Glenville High School's football team to reporters on Tuesday. Glenville is Cleveland's first public school to win a state championship.

LeBron James by his senior year in High School was something like a phenomenon, with people making money off of his likeness as well as everything else.  However when you know better, you do better and in the case of the James Gang, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me […]

Lebron James has been a star basketball player on the court and an even more impressive person off of it, and when you see the recent pictures published by Vanity Fair it's not hard to see why.

Every parent goes to a game and goes hard for their child whether it’s on the grid iron or in the paint.  NBA star LeBron James has been sitting back being a proud poppa watching and posting both his son’s Bronny and Bryce do their thing on the court over sea’s when he posted a […]