LeBron James

LeBron James by his senior year in High School was something like a phenomenon, with people making money off of his likeness as well as everything else.  However when you know better, you do better and in the case of the James Gang, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me […]

Lebron James has been a star basketball player on the court and an even more impressive person off of it, and when you see the recent pictures published by Vanity Fair it's not hard to see why.

Every parent goes to a game and goes hard for their child whether it’s on the grid iron or in the paint.  NBA star LeBron James has been sitting back being a proud poppa watching and posting both his son’s Bronny and Bryce do their thing on the court over sea’s when he posted a […]

Every so many years there is always a debate in sports as to who ‘The GOAT’ i.e. The Greatest of All Time is,  in Boxing you have Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, George Forman and a few others name thrown back and forth in arguments about who’s the GOAT.  In basketball ever since LeBron James graduated […]

Source: Jason Miller / GettyLeBron James silently continues to shake his haters as ‘Just a Kid From Akron’ made several promises over the years and has delivered on every single one, now he has a new promise, a new medical center opening in Akron. LeBron James left Cleveland for Miami years ago with the city burning […]

The Godfather of Soul, James Brown, said “this is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman”, and King James, LeBron James, is ushering out those same sentiments as it pertains to his Queen Savannah James. Bravo tried it, but LeBron James is shutting them down. Savannah James set social media on […]

Their is no place like home, from where it all started from.  Home is a place that although you grow and go, you never forget nor are you for gotten. Just A Kid From Akron, LeBron James, left for Miami before returning to Cleveland to deliver a championship then departed again for the west coast.  […]

Everyone that knows or knows of ‘Just That Kid From Akron’, LeBron James, that he doesn’t taking loosing lightly nor missing the NBA playoffs.  However anytime you have a tough time or in the case of LeBron James the best thing to do is walk away, take a step back, relax, regroup then get back […]

What about your friends, will they stand their ground? Will they let you down?  Are they gonna be low down? Will they ever be around? Or will they turn their backs on you? If you are a fan of or familiar with the story of LeBron James then you know when it comes to LBJ […]

Over the weekend ‘Just A Kid from Akron’ Los Angeles Laker, LeBron James put The Lakers team on his back and dropped 56 points in a comeback win over the Golden State Warriors, beating the Warriors, 124-116, at home, a feat reminiscent of the most notable bounceback of his career in the 2016 NBA Finals.   LeBron James 56 points was […]

There is a saying that hindsight is twenty, twenty and that is an absolutely true statement.  With that being said what would our lives be like if our older seasoned selves could go back and give our younger selves advice, knowing what we know now?  Unrealistic, right?  If your Just A Kid From Akron, LeBron […]

When LeBron James was drafted number one out of high school by his hometown (well slightly North of his hometown) NBA team the Cleveland Cavaliers not only was a dream fulfilled for LeBron James but Cleveland fans had hope that the elusive sports Championship that kept evading the city would finally find a home in […]