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Erika Alexander, known for her roles as Cousin Pam on “The Cosby Show,” Maxine Shaw on “Living Single,” and even a quick cameo as a doubting detective in the Oscar-nominated Get Out. But if you ask more than a few of us, our favorite was Maxine Shaw, Attorney-At-Law…The Maverick.

In the season of reboots, people have been asking if “Living Single,” was going to be reappearing on the airwaves. But during her recent sit-down with “The Breakfast Club,” Alexander basically shut down the idea, saying:

I think it’s great people are nostalgic for things in the past but for me I always try to be honest. If my film and television career had been a lot better, I might not have any problem dipping my toe into that water and going and doing the Max character. But for me, time is finite. We have so little time, I think I just want to see if I can do other things and see if I can get people as happy for me or into a different character in a different way. That’s my goal now. Never say never. I enjoyed them and that wouldn’t be the reason I didn’t do it.”

But I guess we should have hung our hats on that “never say never” part. Because recently, she shared what seems to be a pretty big clue about the future of “Living Single.”

We hope she’s not playing games. Because of everything that’s been given a second chance, “Living Single,” actually seems like something I’d be interested in watching.



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