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A Cleveland woman and her four children endured a fellow passenger’s swearing tirade Friday morning after boarding the train at E. 55th Street. The family had boarded the train when they noticed the man in the rear of the train talking and swearing to himself.

The man was later identified as Steavie Wilson.

At the Tower City stop Wilson walked towards the family, turned in their direction, then threw hot coffee on them, striking one member of the family in the arm, and another on the right side of their face causing “significant discoloring of the skin,” according to a police report.

Wilson then exited the train.

When the police arrived they found Wilson arguing with the operator. Police observed him throwing and unknown object at her as well.

Wilson was arrested for felonious assault, assault, criminal trespass, misconduct on public transportation fare evasion, and resisting a Transit Police Officer.



Article Courtesy of WOIO Cleveland 19 News

First Picture Courtesy of Jeff Greenberg and Getty Images

Second Picture Courtesy of Marco Cassago / EyeEm and Getty Images

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