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If you too watched part one of the season finale of Braxton Family Values, the Iyanla Fix My Life mashup episode, then you were probably as annoyed as I was by the nonstop shenanigans.

There was the fact that when the counseling session began, family members who know the communication issues and disrespect towards one another didn’t want to tell the truth about how they felt, and claimed they didn’t even know why they were there.

Then there was Ms. Evelyn, who came to be a part of the session, but didn’t want to promise to stay. Not only was she hellbent on not being open, but she was defensive and in denial about any role she may have played in the reason the girls communicate as poorly as they do. The fact that she didn’t want to do the work and be committed didn’t set a good example for the rest of her family.

But no one’s behavior irked me more than Tamar Braxton’s. She has always been an exceptionally expressive person (which means “dramatic”), but from the start to finish of the episode, her behavior was absolutely outrageous. She pursed her lips, bugged her eyes, rolled her neck, brushed her head and checked her phone during the session. She was, as Toni put it best, “abrasive” and over the top at times. Make that most times.

When she didn’t agree with what was being said, particularly by sister Traci, she couldn’t hide it on her face. She and Ms. Evelyn were the only people to make their disdain and confusion obnoxiously obvious. Nothing was worse though, than when Tamar tried to go toe-to-toe with Iyanla Vanzant.

After coming two hours late for her call time due to scheduling conflicts that somehow, folks seemingly weren’t made aware of ahead of time, she tried to speak about respect. Vanzant, who was scolding all of them for breaking their commitments and agreements, immediately shut her down and let her know that she didn’t have a right to speak.

Your behavior diminishes the validity of your message!

Instead of apologizing for being late (which she instead, based on editing, lightly shrugged about), she went back and forth with Vanzant about honoring her commitments, and chose to blame WeTV and Magical Elves producers for everything. It took for her mother to get her to be quiet, as though she was a child again, for Tamar to stop disrespecting her elder. During that time, her pursed lips and furrowed brow and rotated neck and decision to try and get up and exit and bounce aggressively in her seat was damn near sickening.

She couldn’t take responsibility, so she chose to pout and act in a way that even for her, was excessive. And based on the previews for the finale, which include sis pointing her finger at Iyanla and having to be literally screamed at by Ms. Evelyn, the behavior will continue.

Now, she may technically be the baby of the family, but she is very much grown at 41. So why her sister is filling out a questionnaire for her as she sits there drinking a hot toddy because they both know she wouldn’t get it done on her own? I don’t know. Why she was able to demand her family get up to give her a hug when she entered the room for the counseling session to make her feel important? I don’t know. Why she was allowed to disrespect her elder for so long before being called out by her mother or anyone else? I don’t know. It’s possibly because the family as a whole has failed to hold her to a higher standard or expectation, and that hasn’t helped her one bit.

She is who she is, and maybe she has, as they claimed, been this way forever and been through some serious stuff. However, that doesn’t mean that she has long passed the ability and necessity to change. All that extra body movement and “Alexa! Play ‘Lies’ by En Vogue!” may be cute to her fans, and the norm for the Braxtons, but it’s a glaring display of immaturity not even fit for a kid. If it will continue into another season of Braxton Family Values, then child, WeTV can save it.

Check out the Twitter commentary surrounding last night’s episode, and share your thoughts below.



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