Congratulations are in order as it is being reported that Towanda Braxton, sister of Toni Braxton and them, spilled her own tea that she has gotten engaged to her boyfriend, music producer, Sean Hall. Everyone is happy to see Towanda Braxton find happiness after her marriage to her ex-husband, author Andre Carter,  dissolved right in […]

There is always sunshine after the rain and after a year of so many clouds of rain no one is more deserving than Sister Circle Host and sister of the famous singing/reality TV stars The Braxton’s, Toni, Towanda, Traci and Tamar, restaurateur Trina Braxton. If you are a fan of The Braxton Family Values you […]

Tamar Braxton breaks down while working things out with sister Traci in the season finale of “Braxton Family Values.” In Season Six, which first premiered in March, fans witnessed Toni land a movie role, but she also had to shift her wedding date with rap star Birdman. Meanwhile, Towanda was hiding her relationship while Trina’s was getting serious, and shocking turn of events put Traci in a […]

If you too watched part one of the season finale of Braxton Family Values, the Iyanla Fix My Life mashup episode, then you were probably as annoyed as I was by the nonstop shenanigans. There was the fact that when the counseling session began, family members who know the communication issues and disrespect towards one another didn’t want […]

With the Braxton sisters at odds like never-before, they turn to spiritual life coach Iyanla Vanzant as a last-ditch effort to repair their broken relationship. In this heated clip from the two-part season finale, Vanzant has had enough, and storms out on the sisters! As previously reported, the sisters needed some emotional and spiritual support from Iyanla after they, with the exception of Traci […]

Tamar told Wendy Williams that she had to walk out of the sit down with the Iyanla Vanzant because she reportedly sex-shamed her after she revealed that she was molested by both sides of her family. It was an interesting and damning claim, one so harmful that there are reports that Vanzant might be looking […]

As previously reported, the Braxton sisters needed some emotional and spiritual support from Iyanla Vanzant after they, with the exception of Traci Braxton, quit We TV’s “Braxton Family Values” and added Phaedra Parks to join the show. [Click here for the backstory]. According to MTO News, Iyanla convinced the sisters to appear on her show to try and repair their tense relationship. Well, it […]

The Braxton sisters may be hitting up Iyanla Vanzant to mediate their family drama amid reports that they walked off the set of their reality series. Sources tell, that the famous sisters (Tamar, Toni, Trina, Towanda and Traci Braxton), and their parents, will allegedly film with the popular life coach this month in Atlanta. This news follows reports that all […]

If you thought Tamar wouldn’t have any messiness to contribute to the “Braxton Family Values” storyline now that she’s no longer appearing on the show, you thought wrong. Earlier this week, we reported that the Braxton sisters were essentially on strike from the show as they attempted to negotiate their contracts to receive more money. But in […]

Braxton is allegedly refusing to do promo appearances because she’s fed up.   As the explosive sixth season of the “Braxton Family Values,” draws near, it seems as if there’s inner turmoil amongst the closely knit Braxton family. According to TMZ, Tamar Braxton is refusing to participate in any upcoming promo appearances for the hit reality show because […]

It seems that when Evelyn spilled the tea it didn’t exact sit well with her daughter.   Tamar Braxton is reportedly is fighting two wars at home, one with her estranged husband Vincent Herbert and the other with her mother, Evelyn Braxton, according to Page Six. Sources close to the Braxton camp say the mother and daughter duo are at […]

The TRUTH HIT the fan last night on The Braxton Family Values!! During a heated family discussion, Tamar Braxton — along with her three older sisters, Toni Braxton, Trina Braxton and Towanda Braxton — confront their father, Michael Conrad Braxton, in a highly anticipated face-to-face sit down for their reality show, Braxton Family Values. It […]