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We’ve finally reached peak-absurdity in the Fast Food Universe. No longer content with simply trolling their rivals over Twitter, Burger King is taking their troll-game into the real world — and they’re using all of us as their pawns. Right now, you can order a Whopper sandwich in the Burger King app for the low price of 1¢. Seriously. No BOGO bullshit. It’s a penny.

The catch? You gotta do it at a McDonald’s. Like in their parking lot or inside the restaurant. For real.

Shots. Fired. This aggressive move on Burger King’s part is kind of genius, they’re calling it the Whopper Detour and it requires you to be within at least 600 ft of a McDonald’s in order for the sale to go through. In small towns, this can be quite the detour for a penny whopper, so deal-hackers out there will surely try to find McDonald’s restaurants across from or very near a Burger King. If you plan to be road-tripping in the next week, this deal will surely come in handy at rest-stops across the country.

The promotional ad features people stopping off at various McDonald’s drive thru’s and demanding their 1¢ Whoppers, baffling the McDonald’s staff. It’s self-aware and full of the type of post-internet humor we seemingly can’t escape from. While this deal asks a lot of those that would take advantage, the ball is now in McDonald’s court. How will they respond? We don’t know, but we hope it’s through more sweet food deals for us. Let the fast-food wars begin!



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