Today on the Bijou Star files on 93.1 WZAK, March 20, 2020:  See video and stories below   Governor Gavin Newsom Orders All Californians To Stay at Home [VIDEO] The city of Los Angeles was going to follow suit with other California residents in the counties of San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Marin, Contra […]

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. — A Burger King employee was caught on camera cleaning tables with a mop in Florida, WJXT reports. A customer recorded the video Thursday of an employee using the mop to clean tables in the kids’ area. The customer said just minutes prior, she saw the same employee mopping the floors. “I was […]

The “unhappy meals” is part of a collaboration with “Mental Health America for Mental Health Month.”   Burger King is taking a swipe at McDonald’s with it’s own not-so-happy meal. The fast food chain is advertising “Real Meals,” and they don’t come with a toy. They come with an adult-sized Whopper combo meal, and you […]

The rollout for a meat alternative is part of a market that will see increased revenue in the near future, along with concerns of treatments regarding animals and how they turn into food.    Burger King’s test of a vegetarian version of its signature Whopper was such a success, the chain is planning to roll […]

Starbucks has now had its rewards program since 2009, though the coffeehouse chain has retooled it numerous times over the years.   Super-loyal customers who use Starbucks’ membership program account for about 40% of sales at the company’s US stores. Now Starbucks is taking steps it believes will make the program more attractive. Starting on […]

By now, we’ve likely all heard about the grand presidential feast Donald Trump served to the Clemson Tigers. Welcoming the 2018 national college champions into the State Dining Room of the White House, the president treated the players to a buffet of only the finest selection of fast food from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King. “The Clemson […]

We’ve finally reached peak-absurdity in the Fast Food Universe. No longer content with simply trolling their rivals over Twitter, Burger King is taking their troll-game into the real world — and they’re using all of us as their pawns. Right now, you can order a Whopper sandwich in the Burger King app for the low price of 1¢. Seriously. […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – If he had it “his way,” he would’ve been eating two burgers for the price of one. But on Thursday afternoon, a man called 911 to report that a Burger King in Lakewood was refusing to honor his buy one Whopper, get one Whopper free coupons. “I am at the Burger […]

The slander was epic. The fast food wars continue. Burger King has taken a note from IHOP’s latest re-branding and shined brilliantly on social media. In light of IHOP changing their name to IHOB (the “B” being for burgers) another popular restaurant chain is showed immaculate timing to take a shot at the sudden change of the iconic breakfast […]

The Wilmington, Delaware location at the center of the viral video is reportedly back in business following its reopening and inspection after a cease and desist letter was issued, though it is unclear exactly when, and what action had taken place to make sure the location is cleaner. A viral video showing mice or rats running […]

Burger King has to deal with a reinvented McDonald’s, while Taco Bell’s new food items including the Naked Chicken Chalupa and Nacho Fries has helped connecting the restaurant better with “millennials and Gen Z.”   Lovers of chalupas and crunch wraps have spoken: Taco Bell is now bigger than Burger King. The Mexican-themed chain eclipsed its […]

Usually, when a customer walks into a Taco Bell, he or she would know that it serves only Mexican food (well, more of a different type than other Mexican restaurants).  However, one customer lost control over not serving a type of food that the Bell is NOT known for. One video is going viral where […]