Animal House Kittens 7/9/15

Source: Lise Greil Photography / Lise Greil Photography

CLEVELAND — The  Affogato Cat Cafe opened in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood and it really is the cat’s pajamas.

It’s a cat cafe. And, no, it’s not just full of espresso drinks and food with cute cat pun names. One side of the cafe is actually full of adoptable, sometimes frisky, and some times sleepy felines.

If you love cats, and everything about cats you just fell into heaven.  As many as 16 cats all from the Cleveland Animal Protective League have the run of the cat room which is separated by a door from the cafe part of the business.

There’s cat books, cat toys and cat people all getting a chance to mingle with their furry friends. It puts the cats in a light that will hopefully lead to a forever home.

“You can come here and the cats are all out and they have their personalities. Other than being in the APL, in cages, it really helps people get to know the cats so they know what they’re adopting.” Cat Lounge Coordinator Cat Crespo said.

Cat is kin to Eddy Crespo, who with his partner Mandy Miller brought the idea to Tremont in Starkweather Avenue.

They worked closely with the APL to set up an atmosphere where the cats can mingle with people in a safe nurturing environment.  The cats have the opportunity to either mingle or scoot to their own private back room.

To get in you have to make a reservation and pay a special cover charge for about an hour worth of cat bliss.

It’s a bargain that will hopefully lead to more adoptions and just moments of joy.

“There’s nothing around here — I don’t think there’s any in the Midwest. As soon as we found out, I told my husband we’re going whether you’re working or not we’re going” Cat Lover Britney Parker said

But, even if the cat’s are being cats and don’t want to bothered at that moment, there’s something about being in a room with these furry critters that just makes people happy.



Article Courtesy of WJW Fox 8 News Cleveland

First and Second Picture Courtesy of Lise Greil Photography

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