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034992.ME.0827.aaliyah4.AR Aaliyah Haughton, 22 year old R&B star and rising actress was killed alon

Source: Anacleto Rapping / Getty

The late singer Aaliyah’s mom is not happy one bit after seeing a preview of “Surviving R. Kelly” that was released promoting the docu-series that’s airing tonight on LIFETIME at 9pm.

It’s being reported that Diane Haughton, Aaliyah’s, mother says that the so-called back up singer, Jovante Cunningham, that allegedly seen R. Kelly and Aaliyah engaging in a little bump and grind is a lie.

Is a statement released by Mrs. Haughton via Twitter:

“The woman and so-called backup singer that describes seeing, meeting or ever breathing the same air as my daughter, Aaliyah, is lying and is a liar,” Haughton said in the statement. “My husband and I were always on tour with her and at interviews and every place she went throughout her entire career. Whoever this woman is, I have never seen her before anywhere on planet earth, until now.”

It also is being reported that Kell’s may be filing a lawsuitas well if Lifetime airs the docu-series tonight.

Check out Diane Haughton’s statement below.

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