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As we looked on was there anything that we didn’t already know? And did us being in the before social media era preempt our feeling and/or backlash of R. Kelly. Michael Jackson and R. Kelly where battling the same accusations at the same time. Michael Jackson chose to state his case on national television and the interview opened him up to the backlash of public scrutiny, while Robert Kelly remained silent and all his alleged indiscretions seemed to fade into the background.

People were surprised that his own brothers participated in this docu-series and they had some very damning things to say about Robert. The question is did his brother know it was damning to say “Robert likes younger woman and I like older women, what’s the big deal?” Why didn’t his family try to get him help? Was R. Kelly just spoiled by his fame or was it a fetish that he would have had whether he became famous or not? Was his inability to learn to read or write a sign that the young genius could have possibly have had a mental issue?

Questions like where were these young ladies parents when these events took place? Are their parents just as much to blame for what happened to them as allegedly R. Kelly? Better yet are some of these grown men that were alleged witness to these events just as responsible?

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Is there a price for chasing a dream and who is teaching what the costs should be?

The celebrity world is coming for R. Kelly on social media but where did they stand before the docu-series? How about his wife Andrea Kelly, why now?

Did you really learn anything new or was what you knew just highlighted by TV? Does it make a difference on how you will listen to his music? Does this docu-series snatch the Pied Pipers pipe away?

What we do know for sure is hindsight is 20/20, and with all these questions, we still have 2 more days to watch.

Let us know in the comments what you thought of day 1 of “Surviving R. Kelly” so far.

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