Documentary’s used to be reserved for the dead, however the newest trend is you ain’t doing your thing if you ain’t got a docu-series or documentary, doo whop, doo whop, doo whop.   Lizzo has been telling her story since since she busted onto the entertainment scene, now she is putting it in format the […]

January 6th insurrection was something that you would see in a movie, the January 6th Committee hearing is kind of like a behind the scene’s as to what really went down that historic day as well as what led up to it.  Former President Donald Trump was so into himself that he cost people’s lives […]

The great debate is who was the greatest rapper of all time.  Although the topic is still up for debate there is no debating that the late great prolific Tupac Shakur was ahead of his time as the fruits of his labor is still being sought after.  There has been many a movie, television series […]

Fellas I know this is going to make you feel faint, however the viral news of the day is a man lost his ‘man boy’, grew another one on his arm now it has been surgically moved to it’s final resting place. The whole town’s laughing at me, Silly fool, how’d you lose such a […]

We were all yell look out Tokyo, Flo Jo 2.0, Sha’Carri Richardson is coming with plans on leaving with a gold medal after dominating her first Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon winning the women’s 100m finals with a time of 10.86, all while grieving the loss of her biological mother. Our hopes came crashing down […]

Lauryn Hill’s, debut, solo album ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’, is arguably, one the greatest album’s of all time.  It’s crazy when you sit back and think about it, when having that argument amongst music fans about Lauryn Hill being the G.O.A.T and the greatness of her masterpiece ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ that album […]

Baby it’s cold outside, so you know that means it’s binge watching and riveting documentary time.  To ring in the New Year the official trailer dropped on January 1st for Lifetimes newest must see documentary ‘JANET’ about mega star Janet Jackson. A&E and Lifetime has just dropped the trailer for the first episode in their […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year especially for binge watching and documentary’s but unfortunately retired NBA legend, Los Angeles Lakers great, Magic Johnson isn’t feeling the magic in an upcoming HBO documentary-series titled ‘Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty’. Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty that is slated to drop […]

The world was already in shock in the year of 2020 when we had to hunker down because of the COVID-19 pandemic when a horrific chain of events made news world wide leading to protests all over the world in the midst of a pandemic.   National news was made in May of 2020 when a […]

Where all my Netflix binge watchers at!? Coming up soon to a living room near you via Netflix is a documentary that nobody is going to want to miss, ‘Jeen-Yuhs’, the story of the man that you can’t help but want to understand, musical mad man, Kanye West. Fresh off of smashing records with his […]

The Queen of R&B Mary J. Blige has 13 albums under her belt, a resume that includes not only Grammy Awards but Academy Awards. Mary J. Blige from Yonkers is not only a singer/songwriter she is also now a seasoned actress that plays roles on television as well as in film. However when you look […]

The Tribeca Film Festival is the breeding ground for great films and documentaries, and the latest can’t wait to see documentary that will drop on Showtime is the man that made Mary Jane a household name, Mowtown R&B funkster, the imitated but never duplicated Rick James,  Bitchin’: The Sound and Fury of Rick James. I’m Rick James B*tch […]