President-Elect Donald Trump And Vice President Elect Pence Hold Election Victory Rally In Ohio

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January 6th insurrection was something that you would see in a movie, the January 6th Committee hearing is kind of like a behind the scene’s as to what really went down that historic day as well as what led up to it.  Former President Donald Trump was so into himself that he cost people’s lives all to hold onto the Oval office thrown.  However it is Trump’s ‘into himself’ attitude that is getting him into even move hot water as the January 6th Committee hearings continues to grow by the day.

British Filmmaker Alex Holder  in an interview on Thursday night that President Donald Trump saw the violence of January 6 as an “inevitablity” and was “jovial” in the hours following the Capitol riot.

“When we began this project in September 2020, we could have never predicted that our work would one day be subpoenaed by Congress,” … “As a British filmmaker, I had no agenda coming into this. We simply wanted to better understand who the Trumps were and what motivated them to hold onto power so desperately. We have dutifully handed over all the materials the Committee has asked for and we are fully cooperating.”

Unfortunately for Donald Trump he didn’t see the “inevitablity” of his documentary that was being filmed by Holder September 2020 right through January 6th was going to get subpoenaed no sooner than the trailer dropped promoting it to air on Discovery+ as a 3 part series.

Allegedly in the documentary, Donald Trump speaks to his knowledge of the insurrection that went down on January 6th.

You know the saying ‘loose lips sinks ships’….#IJS

Take a look at the trailer for Donald Trump’s documentary that we may or may not get to watch below.

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