Tupac Shakur Live In Concert

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The great debate is who was the greatest rapper of all time.  Although the topic is still up for debate there is no debating that the late great prolific Tupac Shakur was ahead of his time as the fruits of his labor is still being sought after.  There has been many a movie, television series and documentary about the Hip Hop legend Tupac Shakur surrounding his death however there is a now a documentary that is taking us back to the very beginning titled ‘Dear Mama’ named after our Mothers Day anthem as well as the song paying homage to his own mother activist Afeni Shakur.

The Alpha and the Omega, five-part documentary ‘Dear Mama‘, that will air on FX (the home of Snowfall), will take a behind-the-scenes look at the life of  Tupac Shakur and his mother the late Afeni Shakur.

“told through the eyes of the people who knew them best, ‘Dear Mama’ is an intimate wide-angle portrait of the most inspiring and dangerous mother-son duo in American history, whose unified message of freedom, equality, persecution and justice are more relevant today than ever.”

‘Dear Mama’ will be directed by the mastermind, behind Menace II Society, Dead Presidents and The Book of Eli, Allan Hughs.

Take a look at the trailer for ‘Dear Mama’ below.

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