With temperatures dropping into the record breaking negative digits, millions have gotten that automated message to let them know that the schools are closed and that it is too dangerous for their kiddos to be outside. Many parents were like, dang why!? Well a Farrell, PA principal figured out a cool way to convey the message in a language that we all can understand. No Diggity!!

Farrell High School principal Matthew Fowler said some of his colleagues encouraged him to find a new way to reach his community in a fun way after they had seen others do it on youtube. And with the assistance of his sister Melissa Fowler, the principal was able to drop the verse, that their school district would be close today, to stay inside because it my save your life in the tune of Backstreets ‘No Diggity’. It is truly a viral moment.

Principal Matthew Fowler we like the way you worked it no diggity 🎶

Check out the video below