Monday we asked you to be the judge after a video went viral of a Spirit Airlines Agent going at it with a female customer when she was tackled.  The judgement in the court of public opinion after watching the video was a hung jury.  Unfortunately for the Spirit Airlines Agent the airline didn’t have any […]

A crazy video went viral the other day of what appeared to be rapper Kodack Black getting his swerve on with a young lady in a box suite during an NHL Florida Panthers game.  Folks then wanted to know shouldn’t charges be brought against the rapper??  According to the Poe Poe…NO, the swerve was actually […]

You could have had it all, but you decided to drown a fan with pee ♫  Sophia Urista has went a longgg way past being a contestant on “The Voice” in 2016. If you remember Janet Jacksons legendary ‘Velvet Rope’ tour their came a time when she brought a fan up on stage and tied […]

You would think the ‘Karen’s’ and ‘Karl’s’ of the world would learn something with all the arrests and lawsuits that come behind cell phone videos that go viral.  But nope, they still haven’t learned anything about racism and they even still think what they are doing will stay in the dark.  But you know that […]

When people are living that single life it is not too uncommon, however how insensitive it may be, for when a woman becomes pregnant and she tells her man or partner that she is in fact pregnant that his reaction is, ‘Ohhh, wooow, seriously’, or ‘is it mine’ etc etc.  When people are married though […]

Mary J. Blige turned 50 years old, proving black don’t crack and even though 50 symbolizes the over the hill mark, her body is stilling perfectly displaying beautiful peaks and valley’s.  However during her 50 year old extravaganza celebration Mary J. Blige had to show, Baby Boy, Jody that she might have the body of […]

  Barry Allen now known as Mr. TeaKO after a video went viral of him giving a ‘N’ word dropper a Twisted Tea smack down at an Elyria, OH, Circle K, sat down for an interview. Who is Barry Allen and what happened? Barry Allen is a married man, father of 5, says he was […]

A video has went viral of 34 year old Atlanta Hawk NBA star Rajon Rondo and his longtime girlfriend Ashley Bachelor getting into an altercation with a woman, named Toktam Jorshari, in a Los Angeles apartment complex when what a appears at first to be a light weight verbal spat that turned into a flat […]

Can’t we all just get along!?  We are all in this together, or at least supposed to be. During the COVID-19 pandemic as the numbers are at an alarming high and officials are asking people to not gather in large groups, wear a mask and maintain 6 feet for social distancing, those warnings didn’t stop […]

While it seems like the whole United States was in jubilation Saturday after it was announced that Joe Biden had won the 2020 Presidential Election, even one CNN commentator allegedly said that now things in America will get back to normal.   But social activist Sydney Teese said hold up playa “What was your normal”!? In […]

Is this what we are doing now days!?  A video was taken of a couple Mark and Patricia McCloskey of St. Louis aiming an AR-15 style rifle at protestors marching past their home/mansion on their way to protest while asking for the mayor of St. Louis Lyda Krewson resignation on Sunday after the mayor read the names […]

Even though the killing of George Floyd on video awakened the eyes of more than just people of color, unfortunately the outcry for change that has been protested across the world, has not been enough to open all peoples eyes. 23 year old Brandon Brackins, a Cleveland native who is now living in southern Ohio […]