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While it seems like the whole United States was in jubilation Saturday after it was announced that Joe Biden had won the 2020 Presidential Election, even one CNN commentator allegedly said that now things in America will get back to normal.   But social activist Sydney Teese said hold up playa “What was your normal”!?

In a video that has since went viral, Sydney Teese was in Washington standing in Black Lives Matter while people were celebrating Joe Biden’s victory when she heard the comment,  she went live herself.

“When I hear things like, ‘Maybe we can finally get back to normal,’ I think ‘What was your normal?’” …“When Barack Obama was president, I was marching for Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner, fresh out of college.” … “We had people calling the first lady a ‘monkey’. Was that the normal we’re talking about? I’m confused.”

“You really only wanted someone to be racist in hiding…You didn’t want it to be blatant, you didn’t want it to be in your face, and Donald Trump was in you’re face and he made ya’ll address the fact that America was f-cked up.”

Talk about having a #SpeakOnIt moment.

Take a look at Sydeny Teese viral video below.

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