Black History Month 2016 - FUTURE

Radio One is celebrating black history by saluting Future History Makers, people giving back to our community today to shape our tomorrow.

Future History Makers 2019 wk 1 and 2

Jowan Smith

Today we salute….Jowan Smith, founder of Getting Our Babies to College 101, a parent based consulting firm that facilitates workshops to families starting in middle school to help with the post-secondary education process. She has also put together an event called 1,000 ties with the goal of teaching young men a skill that she felt was getting lost and to also create mentoring opportunities. Jowan Smith we honor you, for exemplifying the qualities of a Future History Maker.

Future history makers…. Brought to you by the Cleveland Monsters, The Scholars of Breakthrough Schools, Dominion Energy, the McDonald’s Owner/Operators of Northeast Ohio, Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey and Great Lakes Honda. To learn more about our future history makers and how they are shaping our click here