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Even if you don’t watch Big Brother, if you tune into the live feeds, you will be entertained and intrigued by what you hear. This is particularly the case when Tamar Braxton is in the frame, because she freely shares so much about what’s going on with her behind the scenes. As we told you earlier this week, she revealed that her son, Logan, with whom she shares with estranged husband Vince Herbert, shares the bed with her and her new man, whom she affectionately calls T’Challa. Now we’re finding out that before her personal Nigerian Black Panther came into her life, he wasn’t giving Black women the time of day.

While speaking with Lolo Jones about preferences in terms of dating, Braxton admitted that when she and Herbert divorced, she was pretty close to dating outside of her race.

“After that ended, because I never thought we would ever break up, ever, when that happened I was like, sh-t, I’ll date whatever,” she said. “I was actually was kind of over with Black dudes. Like, alright, this not workiiiiing, so let me just go on to the other side [laughs].”

But she had a change of heart when she ended up meeting and falling for the man who is her partner now. They’ve been dating for six months. Funnily enough though, he has a lot in common with Herbert, because he told her he wasn’t into Black women before meeting her. If you’ll recall, Braxton has said in the past that Herbert’s preference before they met and married was blondes.

“I met T’Challa and now it’s a wrap again. But he didn’t date Black women, which is crazy,” she said. “He did not date Black women. It’s like, I’m attracted to men who don’t like Black women. Vince neither, remember that? Vince either.”

Instead, she said her current boyfriend messed with “All white girls or others.” And when housemate Dina Lohan joked, “You must be doing something right,” Braxton agreed, singing, “I am the prototype [laughs].”

The idea of a Black man telling a woman he’s interested in that he doesn’t usually date Black women is pretty gross. And while I would probably tell the brotha to keep that same energy with me and keep it moving, it’s obvious that Braxton feels flattered by such comments. Hence her going on to joke that she got that special “kung fu” instead of questioning why that wasn’t a strong red flag early on. Because if pursuing something with a man who had a preference totally different from what you are didn’t work before (i.e., Vince), who’s to say it will work out now?

Despite his lack of dating experience with Black women before her, Braxton said she is “grateful” for what she has with her T’Challa, especially when she considers the fact that she didn’t know if she wanted to ever marry again after Herbert.

“When me and Vince split up I thought I would never get married again,” she said after her housemates lauded her boyfriend for loving her and being good with Logan. “I didn’t want to go through that again. It was a lot. I just never thought…I’m really grateful about it.”



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