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CLEVELAND — Two Cleveland Public Power student apprentices won’t be fired despite confessing to scrap metal thefts from various job sites, according to a news release from Mayor Frank Jackson’s office.

The release states that the two individuals took around $915 worth of materials. After being caught, the two apologized and “accepted responsibility.”

Instead of being charged, the Cleveland Police Department said it will hold its charges in abeyance, and “allow the two individuals an opportunity to continue in the Student Apprentice Program,” according to the release.

Because the two individuals were upfront and honest about the thefts, they will only face disciplinary action from the city, the release states.

“After conducting our interviews, each individual was honest about what occurred, and we gained a better understanding of their situations,” said Andrew Ezzo, Sergeant, Environmental Crimes Task Force.

According to the mayor’s office, each person was given a 20-day unpaid suspension, ordered to pay restitution for the thefts and sign a “Last Chance Agreement.” Additionally, both were ordered to participate in a diversion program and meet with a job coach. Lastly, the individuals will have to perform community service.



Article Courtesy of WEWS News 5 Cleveland

First Picture Courtesy of Gonzalo Martinez / EyeEm and Getty Images

Second Picture Courtesy of Jeff Greenberg and Getty Images

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