'All we could think was why?' says family of Jacquelyn Smith, who will be buried Saturday

Source: Baltimore Sun / Getty

This was the case that had everyone rolling their windows up when someone wanting spare change was standing at corners of traffic. It was reported back in December of 2018 that a panhandler approached a car of a Baltimore couple for change, when the alleged panhandler reached in the window and stabbed the woman to death.

Unbeknownst to people outside that neighborhood, but folks in that area never did buy that story nor did the woman’s family and it looks like their skepticism is turning out to be true.

Months after the stabbing death of 52 year old Jacquelyn Smith, the woman said to have been killed while giving money to a panhandler in Baltimore, police have arrested her husband, Keith Smith, and his daughter, Valeria Smith, and have charged them with first-degree murder. Keith Smith and his daughter Valeria were arrested in Harlingen, Texas, near the border with Mexico. Police have not said what led to the arrest.

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