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Bracing for decisions on the Stephon Clark killing, California turns its focus to police accountability

Source: Sacramento Bee / Getty

22 year old Stephon Clark was killed March 18, 2018 after Sacramento police responded to a 911 call of a man breaking car windows in the South Sacramento neighborhood.

Police claimed that when they tried to arrest Clark that he produced what they thought was a gun and later discovered it was a cell phone.  Police fired 20 shots with 7 hitting and killings Stephon Clark.

Sacramento County District Attorney Anne-Marie Schubert announced that the two officers who killed him will not face criminal charges.

According to Shubert:

“We know [Clark] fled from the officers after being told to stop, we know that he continued into the backyard, and we know that when he continued into the backyard, he rounded that corner, and he went to the end of that yard and he turned around,” said Schubert, describing the moments leading up to the fatal shooting. “He didn’t continue to flee. He turned around and he was in a shooting stance with his arms extended.” …”honestly, without hesitation, believed he had a gun”

Brother of Stephon Clark arrested on suspicion of threats

Source: Sacramento Bee / Getty

The decision has sparked protest and the family of Stephon Clark is asking the California Attorney General to intervene.

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