Celebrities appear on entertainment news show 'Extra'

Source: RHS/ / WENN

We reported earlier that the Attorney that turned in sex tapes to authorities of R. Kelly allegedly engaged in sex with underage girls, Michael Avenatti, was arrested and charged with allegedly trying to extort NIKE for over 20 million dollars. But according to news reports he himself did not act alone.

It’s being reported that Jussie Smollett’s attorney Mark Geragos is allegedly being looked at as a co-conspirator in the Avenatti case. Attorney Mark Geragos is well known for representing other celebrities such as singer Chris Brown, the late Michael Jackson and Colin Kaepernick.

Is it just me or do you notice how all these cases these attorney’s are all high profile cases TODAY? NIKE, Kaepernick, the recent documentaries and Smollett? #IJS

Le’s stay woke. Check out the video below.




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