Wendy Williams attends the Circle of Sisters Event

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Wendy Williams is back from her one week hiatus from her eponymous TV show and she used her “Hot Topics” segment to speak about her time off.

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“You know I’m in the sober house. The great thing about being in the sober house is that the house that I live in, the people that I live with, they are all guys. Not by design, it just so happens. But they are guys,” she shared with the audience while wearing her wedding ring. “And we are people with functioning careers who just want to check ourselves and get down with that 12 step. You know what I’m saying? There is such a stigma to substance abuse.”

Well that’s interesting to know, but she also added this:

“Everybody thinks it’s going to be the bum on the corner or whatnot and whatnot… Sometimes you just need to go someplace and get one with your sobriety and your 12 steps.”

Of course with Wendy being Wendy, it’s hard for her not to make headlines no matter what she’s doing. Such is the case when she was spotted shopping at a 24-hour Walmart near Ellenville, New York.

So what’s the big deal about her shopping at Walmart at 4am? Well, somebody took a snap of her riding a motorized scooter and made a big deal of it. On Monday, she she responded.

“One of the best things about being truthful to yourself and truthful to you and having your own show is I can come on and dispel my own rumors,” she began. “The headline was, ‘Poor, lonely Wendy needs a hug.’ Then it said, ‘She looks frail, she was by herself.’ By herself?”

She went on to explain that she was with several girlfriends who have been supporting her health and sobriety. And for those critical of her outfit, Wendy doesn’t want to hear it.

She broke it down and said that she was with some girlfriends who have been supporting her through her health ordeal. So that’s that. But for those who were hatin’ on her duds and how she was looking overall and her eyes in particular, Wendy says …

“You know I have the graves’ disease, where I have pressure by my eyes. Sometimes my eyes go like this. Right? They caught me with an eye pop, also. She was wearing a robe. Yep, a Wendy Show robe,” she shared. “It was 4:00 in the morning in Ellenville, New York. What do you want me to wear? A ball gown?”

She wasn’t through.

“Thank you, blogs. Do I look frail to you? I was just a little disgusted.”

The bottom line is that Wendy was able to escape her problems for a few days with some special friends she’s know for years, although camping was not not the first choice someone who’s more of an “indoor girl.”

“I’m the newbie, I get to make the decision,” Wendy explained. “They said, ‘You have to do something you’re not comfortable with. Do you want to jump out of a plane?’ Swim with the sharks?’ And then they said camping.



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