After a hiatus from everything along with mounting drama Wendy Williams made an appearance in NYC at a Met Gala after-party, dripped in a multicolored long, tiered dress that she paired with sneakers and carried a bag with dollar signs on it. Not only did the Queen of tea spillage, Wendy Williams, make an appearance but she made […]

Some folks might not be a huge fan of Wendy Williams or the way she gets down on her television show the Wendy Williams show, but God’s children never want to see anyone sick, so now after many delays of The Wendy Williams Show starting it’s new season, Wendy Williams has landed in a hospital […]

Television Talk Show Host Wendy Williams has been blogged about doing some pretty unusual things she has done on her show the past year and half or so.  Everything from farting on set, forgetting things, looking lost, getting checked, about her facts in stories, you name it bloggers have been all over it.  However her […]

New comer to the hit series on Showtime ‘The Chi’ actress Tabitha Brown that plays the recurring role of Octavia, (she’s the lady that Kiesha is allegedly giving her baby to), made a name for herself by being a viral vegan TikTok sensation, with the promise to her husband police officer Chance Brown that held […]

Da Brat was to go on The Wendy Williams Show to promote her new show “Brat Loves Judy”, when Wendy Williams told her studio audience that Da Brat tat tat tat tried to shoot her shot at Wendy Williams then added she was the reason that Da Brat came out of the closet.  Da Brat had to […]

Comedian/actor Gary Owens recently sat down for an interview with Wendy Williams after becoming a ‘hot topic’ as of late with news of his divorce from his wife Kenya Duke is getting messier by the second. Wendy Williams asked Gary Owens the hard questionsComedian/actor Gary Owens recently sat down for an interview with Wendy Williams […]

Everybody in the world knows that the worst person to get upset is a woman that is carrying a child.  As a matter of fact a pregnant woman can go from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds for the smallest thing yet alone something major. Well it’s assumptious to say that everyone knows […]

Wendy Williams is back in the news, and it’s not because of her tell all, dragging of her husband Kevin Hunter, biopic, Wendy Williams: The Movie/Wendy Williams: What a Mess!, that aired on Lifetime. Wendy Williams has become the talk/dragging of a heated debate on the COVID-19 vaccine, a vaccine that is said to help lead us […]

The Wendy Williams what a mess movie and documentary on Lifetime dropped on Sunday since the the tea filled spilling of a movie aired many people have taken to social media to throw down some picker quicker uppers on the tea that she spilled.  Although Method Man’s alleged hot tube scene did not make it […]

Wendy Williams movie and documentary dropped on Saturday but unfortunately it is the interviews leading up to the premiere that is the mess that is causing the drama. Wendy Williams in an interview dropped the revelation that she and Method Man knocked boots in her hot tub back in the day, a revelation that didn’t […]

Wendy Williams has been doing a lot of press interviews for promotion of her Lifetime biopic ‘Wendy Williams: What A Mess!‘, and it appears that the promotion is messier than the biopic is going to be. In a recent interview Wendy Williams spilled some tea that isn’t in the biopic.  According to Wendy Williams she and then […]

WOW, Wendy, How you doin!?  What a mess!! Let’s call a spade a spade Wendy Williams is the Queen of spilling steaming hot piping tea, however her life away from the mic or the television camera never seemed to make it into the tea bag. Well now apparently with the upcoming movie and documentary, ‘Wendy […]