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Janet Jackson can easily fill up any venue! When she performed on the 2019 Fantastic Voyage it was no different. The deck was full of screaming and dancing fans.

She told Tom Joyner that while rehearsing for the cruise she realized that “Nasty” wasn’t included in the songs she was performing and decided to take out another song to make room for it because she just knew, “I can’t leave ‘Nasty’ out!”

“Nasty” was of course a crowd-pleaser; as was every other song she performed. She performed so many songs that Tom insists she share her secret on how she manages to remember all of the dance steps! But the truth is, she has no idea. It just comes to her when she hits the stage.

Musical talent seems like it really runs in the Jackson family, even her 2-year-old son Eissa is already showing his talent. Jackson says, “he’s a singer and dancer” basically at his young age he’s already “a musician!”

Hear part one of her exclusive interview above and part two below.


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