Prosecutors Marcia Clark (L) and Christopher Darde

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You would have thought that being the assistant prosecutor that told O.J. Simpson to try on some little gloves that ultimately got O.J. sprung on a murder case would be enough to make you stay out of the lime light. But no not Christopher Darden, he likes things the hard way I guess, and he still is looking at the world through Barney’s eyes, hence why he took on the job of being the alleged murdered of Nipsey Hussle, Eric Holder.

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O.J. Simpson shows the jury a new pair of Aris ext

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But according to Darden now he is filing a motion to withdraw from the Eric Holder case because not only is he, meaning Christopher Darden, receiving death threats but his wife and children are as well. So now he is bowing out but he does have a message for his threatening haters…

“To those who issued those threats to my children please pay close attention so there is no misunderstanding. Later. F**K YOU!”

Check out all of what Christopher Darden had to say below

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