Lil Kim

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What the Notorious B.I.G brought together is no longer apart as the beef between Lil Kim and Lil Cease of Junior M.A.F.I.A has now ceased and desist as Lil Cease apologized to Lil Kim to Lil Kim at the first annual B.I.G Dinner in NYC, where the reunion of Lil Kim and the Junior M.A.F.I.A was caught on video.

If you remember Kim and Lil Cease fell out over ten years ago when the Cease testified against Kim in her 2005 perjury trial which resulted in Lil Kim being sentenced to one year in prison and a $50,000 fine for perjury when she gave testimony in front of a Grand Jury about a shootout among rival rappers on Feb. 25, 2001, in front of New York radio station.

Check out Lil Cease touching apology below

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