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We don’t know what exactly is going on but here is what we do know the story was previously posted was sourced from TMZ and Scareface that Bushwick Bill had passed away.  But now TMZ is retracting it’s story saying that allegedly Bushwick Bill’s son say’s the legendary Gheto Boy is still very much alive but clinging to life.  The IG post from Scarface has since been removed.

Bill’s son says his father is “fighting for his life” and needs prayers and support. He also hinted at some friction between Bill and unnamed industry people. He said on IG, “Certain people have been so quick to write him off as dead so they can capitalize off it.”

He stressed, “There is no Geto Boys without Bushwick Bill.”  Read More


Prayers are in order as it is being reported that Richard Shaw, the legendary founder of the rap group the ‘Geto Boys’, has succumb to pancreatic cancer at the age of 52.

If you remember we had reported back in the beginning of may that Bushwick Bill although he had been being tested regularly, doctors found a mass, but had been telling him that it was benign, until recently when he was told that it was in fact cancerous.  He went live to report his stage 4 diagnosis.

Bushwick Bill the legendary rapper was also known for his brush with death back in 1991 when allegedly high on PCP and Everclear grain alcohol while having an argument with his girlfriend he accidentally shot himself in the eye, an experience that he shared on his track “Ever So Clear”.

Bushwick Bill, Richard Stephen Shaw was born in Kingston, Jamaica, before becoming Houston’s own southern emergence of Hip Hop history leaves behind 4 children to morn his death.

We will be keeping Bushwick Bill’s family uplifted in our prayers.

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