O.J. Simpson Granted Parole At Hearing

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On March 21, 2006 in San Francisco a little blue bird was released to tweet and multiply and become one of the largest social media platforms delivering us all our tea 24 hours a day.  In 2006 O.J. Simpson was sitting in front of a camera speculating, in a controversial interview, on how the murders he was acquitted of might have happened.   So now 13 years later someone has introduced the Juice to the Blue Twitter Bird, so let’s see who’s going to get squeezes the most.

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O.J. Simpson had be living in Las Vegas, under the radar, quietly, until now and he sent out his first tweet which happens to have been a video tweet titled ‘Coming Soon’ with a message for everyone to join him.  The question is does really know what he is getting himself in to or nah?

Oh BTW, if you want to follow O.J. Simpson on Twitter you can follow him at @TheRealOJ32 .

Check out O.J.’s video tweet below

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