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Ever since “Hot Girl Summer” entered the zeitgeist, people have tried to define it in a number of different ways. For the woman who coined the term, Megan Thee Stallion, she said the spirit of a Hot Girl Summer is about a person “being unapologetically them” and “not giving a damn about what nobody gotta say about it.”

When asked what a Hot Girl Summer is to her, Ayesha Curry had the unapologetic aspect correct, but to social media, got a key part of the definition unforgivably wrong.

“Oh my God, so I guess I’m not that cool of a mom because I just had to ask somebody the other day, ‘What is hot girl summer?’” she said in a recent interview with the ABC Bay Area affiliate to promote her new food competition series, Family Food Fight. “But apparently there’s this song out right now by a girl group called City Girls and I guess they want the nation to embrace, and all of the women, and men, to embrace that way of being. I guess it’s just being your best self in your own skin and living your best life, but in the summer. Unapologetically!”

When the 30-year-old mother of three was asked if she’s having a Hot Girl Summer, she remixed the term and called it a “Hot Girl Mom Summer.”

“Oh my gosh, I would say I’m having a hot girl summer — a hot girl mom summer [laughs] by enjoying time with my kids, enjoying that gorgeous Bay Area weather, lots of Rose, hugs and love with the family — and watching Family Food Fight, Thursday nights at 9/8 C on ABC,” she joked. “That’s how you have a Hot Girl Summer, America!”

Megan Thee Stallion wasn’t crazy about Curry’s interpretation, though. She commented on The ShadeRoom video of Curry’s Hot Girl Summer comments with the facepalm emoji and took to Twitter to make it clear, one mo’ gin’, what the true translation is.

Curry apologized for flubbing the definition, writing to the rapper, “@theestallion my bad girl. There’s too many summers going on and he put me on the spot,” sharing laughing and praying emojis.

But Curry wasn’t really wrong, though, aside from the City Girls song comment. Not to mention, she was being unapologetically herself, which some people aren’t always crazy about, but works for her. The entrepreneur is having just the right summer for her, Hot Girl or not, and it will likely include more awkward Milly Rocking fun with husband Steph:

Hit the flip to see all the reactions to Curry’s Hot Girl Mom Summer from the Twitterverse:



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