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How crazy is this!! Rapper Future’s bodyguard get’s knocked the (bleep) out for trying to protect Future from a crazy racists fan that was caught on video. No paws were laid from the rappers camp in retaliation , the bodyguard will not be filling charges and evidently the attacker won’t be charged either. Why!?

In light of rapper ASAP Rocky sitting in a Swedish jail for allegedly being involved in a street fight, Future and his crew chose to stand down for fear the same would happen to them.

While at an airport in Spain some so-called fans approached Future for a photo but when he declined the so-called fans started yelling racist comments before running up on Future’s bodyguard, then throwing a sucker punch that knocked the bodyguard out. The attacker can be seen cowardly raising his fists up like he is a fake Rocky Balboa!

If our entertainers are afraid to protect themselves while overseas, and their so-called fans are allowed to attack them, then our entertainers need to cut these folks off, period. Even though they are getting a check all money isn’t good money, not to mention they are making money off of them for coming. So if they can’t protect you take your talents elsewhere. #IJS

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